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This is the page to present the results from archeological excavations and research across languages and cultures... from excursions to old barns, stables, lofts and cellars...and from  stories heard from grandmas and grandpas. Plunge into the pitchfork science.



Our Trip to Spain



We set out for a hunt for forks and fork people living on the Iberian peninsula during the Christmas holiday (18 Dec 2012 - 4 Jan 2013). We planned to visit Catalonia, Valencia and Andalusia. Let me share with you our encounters. For example, together with our Spanish ambassadors, we made a great discovery, a traditional pitchfork in Seville. And we went for a short visit to Portugal, too!


Article | Section: Forkology

Pitchfork and IQ and Other Findings


 Quest of getting information about pitchfork and such. 

Article | Section: Forkology