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Gallery of Fork Donors

The Gallery of Fork Donors is our Hall of Fame which includes every donor  in the quest to preserve the stories of  forkies for future generations. By the way, recognition given to donors  increases the desire  to share their cherished forks.  This increases the museum’s collection by several orders of magnitude.  Participation in the Gallery  is of utmost  social importance and prestige.

Click  Gallery of Fork Donors

As you view the Gallery, support your forkie.  Click  "I like it" for him/her. By the end of the year, the forkie with the most „thumbs up“ will be awarded the prestigious and much-sought after title of "Forkie-Of-The-Year ".

Every pitchfork donor  is photographed with the pitchfork and interviewed for  geographic and historic data onthe life of his/her fork. Subsequently, the  fork is provided with a "Birth Certificate" , which includes the donor’s  picture,  the  origin of the fork and  it’s number in  the exhibit.